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Hand made in Ukraine. 100% hemp inside and out.

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You may be wearing more hemp than you know

Cannabis is the original and only “true hemp.” Last century several fiber plants chose on such major kinds of hemp: Musa textilis is Manila hemp which is known as abaca; Agave fourcroydes L. is Sisal hemp is henequen; Phormium tenax is New Zealand hemp;... read more

Is hemp the same as marijuana?

Hemp differs very much from marijuana. It has different function, cultivation and application. Hemp has a similar leaf shape with marijuana, because they are frequently mixed up. Although these plants are “Cannabis”, they are distinct types of cannabis plants.... read more

What do you know about hemp fiber?

Hemp appears on the world stage at the dawn of human experience. We find its seeds, rope, and cloth in the oldest tombs. Designer Ralph Lauren recently revealed that he has been secretly using hemp fiber in his clothing lines since 1984. In 1995 Calvin Klein included... read more

Shipping and Handling

We now ship globally! We’ve discovered new ways to ship and handle your orders and happy to announce – we are shipping globally now! Where to order Times Hemp Company’s stuff? Times HC currently represented on 4 on-line platforms. Our web site... read more

The first American flag: who made it and what it was like

The US Constitution is turning 230 years old this year and the flag is nearly 10 years older. Of course, it has changed a lot since 1777, when the very first American flag, bearing 13 silver stars, was sewn, but the concept survived. Let’s turn to the origins of the... read more

New Structured Cap

Our favorite hat so far is now in stock. This is our 100% hemp structured cap with a hemp rope accent. Available in navy blue with our embroidered logo. These will go fast so get them while they’re still available. read more
About Times Hemp Company

Times Hemp Company is a Malibu based corporation established in 2015. We are creators of hemp based products and promoters of California’s thriving cannabis culture.

Industrially used hemp is the sustainable alternative to many harmful factors that damage our planet. Hemp is beneficial to many industries and applied to textiles, biofuels, paper, medicine and much more. Our goal is to make use of this incredible resource. By creating hemp products for consumers, we can promote and influence an industrial future that prioritizes the environment and future of our planet.

Hemp Facts

Hemp is a super plant which offers many solutions to environmental issues. From farming to industrial applications, hemp is the sustainable answer to the many harmful factors that damage our planet.

For starters, hemp produces more biomass, a clean energy source, than any other plant.  It can be grown organically because it is resistant to insects and disease. This allows farmers to grow hemp without using pesticides or other chemicals that are harmful to crops and the soil. The strength of hemp during the grow process results in a plant that can reach up to 20 feet tall, containing the most durable, natural-fiber in the world as well as other useful resources.

Hemp has been farmed legally around the world for over 10,000 years. Hemp was legal to grow in the United Stated for the first 160 years. It wasn’t until the banning of marijuana in the 1930’s that made hemp illegal in the US. The Marijuana Tax Act of 1937, a highly controversial subject to say the least, deemed hemp illegal to grow in the US simply because of the misunderstanding between the two plants.

The harvestable components of hemp are industrially applied to fabrics, clothing, biofuels, paper, medicine and more. Seeds can be pressed to create oils which are used for food, paints, and varnishes. Cannabinoids are chemical compounds used for medical purposes.

Hemp is finding its way back into the United States. Several states are willing explore the benefits of farming hemp though many hurdles still remain. Strict government regulations require farmers to obtain a growing license. This is known to be a relatively difficult and slow process but should be easier in the future.

At Times Hemp Company, we want to make use of this incredible resource not only with our brand, but as an industry in general. By creating Hemp products for consumers, we can promote and influence an industrial future that prioritizes environmental safety.