To begin with, hemp fabric has (almost) nothing in common with psychoactive marijuana buds, that is why you do not have to worry about your youngest ones being “high” after you bought them a new hemp T-shirt. On the contrary, unique properties of pure hemp clothing make it absolutely suitable for newborns.

Why are hemp baby clothes a good option?

  1. 100% organic. First of all, because during the process of growing Cannabis any use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers is excluded (since the plant can manage without those). Therefore there is zero chance of your baby becoming allergic or intoxicated.
  2. Bactericidal. Hemp plant contains special natural “glue”, called lignin, which is responsible for its bactericidal properties. Just like you won’t feel any unpleasant smell from under your armpits if wearing a hemp apparel, your little ones will enjoy theirs as well, feeling no discomfort whatsoever and no diaper dermatitis! That is why it’s a perfect choice for newborn baby clothes and diapers (if you feel like giving it a try).
    Pure hemp clothing for children
  3. Skin-friendly. Your child will find it extremely agreeable to be able to sweat freely in summer and not suffer in hot weather. Hemp maintains normal temperature of the body and absorbs extra moisture (in quantities up to 5 times its volume), which is crucial for your young child’s health.
  4. UV. Thanks to lignin ultraviolet rays will not harm the skin of your little one, if she or he is wearing natural organic baby clothes are made of hemp. The garments will filter up to 95% of this dangerous radiation (compared to 30-70% in cotton and other fabrics).

Pure hemp clothing for children

Extra protection and more freedom for the youngest members of your family.

Apart from being perfect for summer days and maintaining ideal body temperature of your kid, hemp clothing has something more to offer. Thanks to its absorbent properties and dozens of useful cannabinoids, it performs another wonder: organic baby wear, made of hemp, can protect the skin not only from UV rays, but also from chemicals in the air, toxins, and even heavy metal salts, neutralizing them.

In addition to this, baby hemp garments are extremely sturdy and durable. They might feel a little rough at first, but don’t mind it – the more you wash them, the softer they get. And that without tearing or weakening of the fibers. This property will be priceless, when your young child starts crawling around the house, exploring the world: nothing will make those baby pants break or wear through on the knees, because hemp fibers can last forever.

You may even wash your hemp diapers and baby garments at 194 F without worrying about the shape or hemp fibers losing strength (although, we recommend you to read more about how to care for your hemp apparels in one of our previous articles).