Industrial hemp fiber and clothing sewn from it used to enjoy an enviable popularity with our ancestors. According to the latest archaeological finds, people already knew how to sew hemp garments around 8 000 BC. Later, the well-known LEVI’S jeans company at the beginning of the XXth century endeavored to establish a mass hemp fabric production. However, at that time it required complex processing, costly equipment, and therefore, considerable capital investments… Soon afterwards the anti-marijuana campaign began.

Today industrial hemp is no longer a synonym for marijuana, and new technologies for its processing make it the most promising cloth on the planet. Cannabis products are beginning to enjoy immense popularity thanks to the rapidly developing fashion for organic products and environmentally-friendly lifestyle. We want to tell you why hemp – of all natural cloth – would be your best choice and what its secret beneficial properties are.

What is hemp fabric and what are its basic properties?

Hemp fabric differs from other materials: it has unique durability and strength of its structure, it’s easy to wash, and does not need any special care, moreover it possesses a vast list of healing properties, which you will enjoy.

Hemp fabric is made directly from hemp fiber, which is extremely strong and hard (and is considered to be the sturdiest one on our planet).

  1. Longevity. Thanks to its structure, the apparel sewn from hemp fibers will last much longer, than an equivalent made of cotton. One of the main hemp clothing benefits is that the more you wash it, the softer it gets. The fabric can be slightly stretched, keeping its shape and proportions.
    Unique properties of industrial hemp fiber
  2. Absorbing and breathable. Due to the porous structure of its fibers, hemp cloth has remarkable abilities to absorb moisture up to 500% of its weight. On the one hand, this provides perfect conditions for respiration and perspiration of the human skin, and on the other hand, it maintains optimal heat exchange for the human body: in winter you will not feel cold, wearing a hemp apparel, in summer you will not suffer from heat and feel your own perspiration, as the moisture will be efficiently absorbed.
  3. Extra protection. Hemp clothing will protect your body from harmful effects of the surrounding environment. Read on to learn more.

What will my hemp t-shirt protect me from?

Now we are going to tell a little about unique hemp fabric characteristics. What actually makes hemp so exceptional, apart from its longevity and laundry-friendly nature?

1. UV-filter. The disastrous effects of ultraviolet irradiation on human skin are well known: free radicals that are formed under UV rays cause premature aging and might even provoke tumor diseases. Lignin, which is a sort of natural glue, contained in hemp fiber, allows to block harmful radiation and reduce it by 95%, while other tissues will not get further than 30 or 70%.

Unique properties of industrial hemp fiber

2. Bacteria, mold, and fungi. Hemp has a depressing effect on numerous bacteria, microorganisms, and mold (especially while the plant is being grown). The fabric obtained from hemp retains this valuable property: it destroys completely the unpleasant odor of sweat, which is usually due to bacteria.

3. Hypoallergenic. Unlike other industrial crops, Cannabis sativa does not require any pesticides or chemicals to protect the plant and stimulate growth. That is why there is no chemistry in the resulting tissue, which makes it one of the main hemp fabric benefits. Moreover, garments made from hemp do not collect dust and microparticles that might provoke allergic reactions.

Unique properties of industrial hemp fiber

4. Static electricity. According to the recent studies, hemp clothing does not accumulate static electricity, which might otherwise affect the cardiovascular system. On the contrary, synthetics, wool, and cotton does produce this unpleasant effect.

5. Healing properties. Since Cannabis is used as medicinal plant, its fibers are useful for the human body. Through the contact with skin and exocrine glands the cloth may produce a healing effect, soothing pain in case of bruises, fractures, scrofula, and diathesis, or even erysipelas. In addition, it may produce a positive influence on the nervous system.

What makes it even more desired, hemp clothes become more and more elite, and apparels, made of it are no longer as simple and basic – in the US you will find exquisite designer items, which will not only make you feel more comfortable, but also complete your individual and unique style.