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All natural. 100% Organic Hemp. No plastics or petrochemicals. Lovingly hand-made hemp dolls from top quality materials.

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Plush Series by Times Hemp Company

Our dolls are 100% Hemp inside and out. We use raw hemp fibers, the most durable fiber in the world, to fill our plush dolls which give them a sturdy yet soft feel. The outer shell and clothing are made of 100% hemp fabrics as well. As you can tell, we didn’t take any shortcuts on material use. Hemp fiber bundles are up to fifteen feet long, while cotton fibers are a mere three-quarters of an inch, which gives hemp eight times the tense strength and four times the durability of cotton.

Made in Ukraine with outstanding attention to detail.

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About Plush Series

We are pleased to introduce our Plush Series Hemp Dolls. We started this project back in September, 2015 with hopes of delivering a product that would set us apart from all other companies. We think we achieved just that. So what makes us unique by creating stuffed animals? We’ve seen a few hemp dolls on the market, and we do like them. But if you look closely, somewhere on the package you will read in small letters that the filling is not hemp, just the outer shell. We are willing to go the extra mile and invest in this incredible resource. Our dolls are 100% Hemp inside and out. We use raw hemp fibers to fill our plush dolls, giving them a heavy yet soft feel. The outer shell and clothing are made of 100% hemp fabrics as well. We didn’t take any shortcuts on material use.

The Story

We reviewed portfolios of creative plush designers from all over the world. We ended up choosing the work of Vera Pakhalovych, a talented young artist from Ukraine with a passion for needlework and stuffed toys, known toy designer. She proposed 4 intricate designs, and we decided to manufacture all of them. After the prototypes were made we began to search for manufactures locally and internationally. By coincidence, our best offer came from a Ukrainian manufacturer and we decided to go with them. Our plush dolls are inspired by traditional Ukrainian patterns and textiles. The end result is a series of truly unique products.

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Please note

Our hemp made plush series is completely safe for kids, humans, and the planet as far as materials go, unless allergic to hemp. Could be used for interior decoration. Friendly animals require love and respect and extra attention if children play with, please note – there are small details on it.